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What's On Page Update

We have recently been doing some work on our website to enhance the user experience. The latest addition is an update of our Regular Classes page.

This update will allow users to access more information on our classes by linking directly to the groups’ own web or social media pages. This means that, when people click on the group’s name, they are directed straight to the relevant information.

We do not have links for all groups as some are run by invitation only but, if you run a group at the Chantry and have a link you would like us to add; or if you have a preferred point of contact, please let us know and we can update our information.

In addition to this did you know that users can also add information directly to their Hallmaster diary listings? If you are interested in adding contact details or other relevant information to your group’s listing fill in the “Description” field on your bookings to include any information or contact details that may be relevant, then they will be visible to anyone who clicks on your bookings in the calendar.


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