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The Elton Room - NEW SPACE for hire!

Following the departure of the Chantry’s oldest-serving long-term leaseholder, we have decided to offer up this room as a meeting space.

With some help from local companies JK Decorating and Phoenix Flooring, The Elton Room is looking fresh and ready for its new life as a meeting room.

Located on the first floor, opposite the Stuart Room, the Elton Room is a wonderfully light, airy space that overlooks the Walled Garden. It is large enough to seat approximately 25 people in a conference-style seating arrangement, or 15-18 in a boardroom setting. It has ample sockets so is also ideal as a group work space and is great for meetings and presentations.

Information on the Elton Room can be found on Our Facilities page and is available to book via Hallmaster.

If you would like any more information on the Elton Room, or on any of the other spaces available for hire here at the Chantry, please contact the office.


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