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Lovely Lancaster

It's been a while but we're back with another renovation update...

The Lancaster Room, located on the ground floor of the main building, has been crying out for some love for a very long time.

It has had a long and varied history, having been used as a playgroup and an office before being turned into a meeting space several years ago.

Preparing this room revealed several layers of its history in the paint work and wallpapers that were stripped away to enable the team to achieve fabulous finish you see above.

Our thanks go out to our Chairman and his wife for the hours of work they put into stripping the wallpaper, as well as Dave's restoration of the shutters.

JK Decorating were also on hand to put their efforts into the paintwork, which was as much about filling and cleaning the existing walls and woodwork as it was the paint itself! As usual, the results were worth the wait.

The flooring was sold and installed by Phoenix Flooring and looks wonderful, tying together the decoration and furniture effortlessly.

Overall, we're sure you will be as impressed with the end result as we are and we're glad that the Lancaster Room is finally meeting its potential!


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