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Our renovations are continuing apace here at the Chantry. Next on our list was the hallway which, as I’m sure many of you will recall, has needed both a coat of paint and a lot of love for a long time!

The first step was a LOT of prep work – sanding, filling, and scraping back decades of old paint to get a good base for the new decoration took up a significant amount of the time we’d assigned to the work. The decorators were working to a strict deadline, to make sure we disrupted as few of our groups as possible, and they took on the challenge admirably.

It took us a while to choose the right colour but after some deliberation (and a straw poll of anyone the office team spotted around the building) we settled on the soft green you see in the photos. This contrasts nicely with the bright white doors and archways. The downstairs hallway, along with both stairwells, have been transformed with the fresh paint on the walls and woodwork making it look so much brighter and welcoming.

The downstairs section also has new, more discreet, lighting which gives the whole space a lift. We also installed a contrasting carpet (courtesy of Phoenix Flooring), along with new signage from Avon Displays to complete the transformation.

Our thanks again to JK Decoration for taking on another big job. Jamie’s team worked their socks off on this one – and it shows!

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

As many of you will know, we have been carrying out a major programme of renovation work at the Chantry over the last 3 years. All of the key infrastructure projects have been completed and we are now re-furbishing the interior spaces. The first of these was the Coach Hall, which is our most used room. It provided some challenges due to the height and the beams of the vaulted ceiling.

The theatre panels in the roof space have been removed and the old purple and lilac colour scheme has made way for fresh white walls and contrasting black beams. New bright LED lighting has been fitted, with separate ceiling spot lights for optional “mood lighting”. Finally, the old wooden ballet barres have been replaced with sleek stainless-steel rails.

Our thanks go out to Jamie and the team at JK Decorating for the paintwork - We hope that all our users will agree that the hard work has paid off and that the completed Coach Hall is a much brighter and more welcoming space!

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

We have recently been doing some work on our website to enhance the user experience. The latest addition is an update of our Regular Classes page.

This update will allow users to access more information on our classes by linking directly to the groups’ own web or social media pages. This means that, when people click on the group’s name, they are directed straight to the relevant information.

We do not have links for all groups as some are run by invitation only but, if you run a group at the Chantry and have a link you would like us to add; or if you have a preferred point of contact, please let us know and we can update our information.

In addition to this did you know that users can also add information directly to their Hallmaster diary listings? If you are interested in adding contact details or other relevant information to your group’s listing fill in the “Description” field on your bookings to include any information or contact details that may be relevant, then they will be visible to anyone who clicks on your bookings in the calendar.

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