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The latest portion of our renovation here at the Chantry has been the Conservatory. Our thanks go to South Gloucestershire Council for the grant that made this work possible.

This space: which previously was leaking badly, with peeling paint and rotting woodwork; has been transformed with the help of local tradesmen into a clean and welcoming room with views of, and easy access to, the beautiful walled garden.

The Conservatory also contains a stunning arched door which, rumour has it, was once part of Thornbury Castle. Restoration of this is still a work in progress and the door is not currently functional.

The Conservatory is now available for hire so please drop the office a line at, or call us on 01454 414268, if you are interested in using this space for your group.

New to the Chantry, Buqi Works are offering accessible Tai Chi classes for people with Parkinson's and other health issues.

Sarah is a Buqi movement and postural therapist, a registered provider for people with Parkinson's and has been studying Tai Chi and related disciplines for thirty years.

"Unlimited," is one of many interpretations for the translation of Tai Chi, This great Chinese Art has long been understood to promote well being in Mind and Body and is a complete study of the self. It is renowned for improving balance, coordination and flexibility and easing emotional and mental tension. First practiced and developed as a Martial Art , it has been taught in the West mainly for the health benefits.

Sarah's classes are accessible for all ages and levels of fitness and she will be teaching both Qigong and Tai Chi forms

Booking is essential and she currently has spaces available so join now!


All new students pay for a six week introduction which is payable upon booking and thereafter payment is on a monthly basis at £10 per class. Email your interest to If you are unable to contact me via email then you will just have to turn up and pay in cash My phone number is 0781 566 2844.

VENUE: The Buckingham Room at the Chantry

TIME: Classes at 10am, 11am and 7pm

BRING: Yourself and maybe a small cushion for your chair if you can carry easily!

WEAR: Loose comfortable clothes and flat comfortable shoes .


I will be offering one to one treatment at the Chantry and will be there every Thursday all day and on the first Wednesday of the month. Booking in advance

I look forward to meeting you!

We are looking for new groups to come and join our regular timetable here at the Chantry.

The Chantry has a variety of rooms to suit, both large and small, alongside our beautiful walled garden and have plenty of space for groups, both established and new, to meet and reconnect.

If you have, or know of, a class or group who are looking for a home in Thornbury please get in touch with the office via our Contact Us page to see how we can accommodate you.

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