Welcome to The Chantry in Thornbury, South Gloucestershire.


The Chantry is a large fine listed building that hosts a wide range of activities throughout the year.  


Thank you to Everybody who made the Witches event a huge success


Fireworks Night

Monday 5th November at the Chantry

52 Castle St Thornbury 01454 414268,
Doors open 6pm, Fireworks start 7pm

Tickets in advance: Adult £4, Child £2.50:

On the Gate Adult £4.50 Child £3
Tickets available from the Chantry and Town Hall

Mulled Wine Hot dogs and Bar available


works Night!

Monday 5th November at the Chantry

Doors open 6pm, Fireworks start 7pm

Tickets in advance: Adult £4, Child £2.50:

On the Gate Adult £4.50 Child £3
Tickets available from the Chantry and Town Hall

Wulled Wine Hot dogs and Bar available


So much has happened  in 2018, so here is an update. At the beginning of the year we received a letter from the Charity Commission concerning our relationship with the social club and asking how we proposed to deal with the very large debt which had been allowed to build up over the last 10 years or so. In their view it appeared that the T.D.C.A, a charity, had been using its funds to support a separate and independent business, the social club. This is misuse of charitable funds, and could have serious implications both for the Charity-the T.D.C.A.- and the individual trustees. This matter had come to their attention as a result of the comments made by our accountants Burton Sweet in the 2016 accounts. We have met with Burton Sweet and made submissions to the Charity Commission and I am now very pleased to tell you that the Charity Commission propose to take no further action. However, in order to achieve this result, and to write off the debt as irrecoverable, the Social Club has ceased trading, and the bar closed. Any future opening will be run directly by the T.D.C.A. The intention is that the bar will only function during our own fundraising events making it much easier to administer. The Trustees can breathe a sigh of relief that they are not now responsible for this historical and irrecoverable debt. We thank Rob Mills for all his hard work in this extremely difficult situation. There are plans to refurbish the bar and it is to be re-named the Garden Room. We will need volunteers to run the new bar occasionally so if you fancy being bar staff then please let us know.

You may have noticed that the Buckingham room has had a makeover inside and out making it much neater outside and brighter and smarter inside. Thanks to the Wellbeing group for buying the curtains.

We took advice from Bob Dale from Sustainable Thornbury as to the best way to use the money from the Co-op for more efficient lighting. So far we have updated the Buckingham Room and this programme will be rolled out throughout the Chantry in due course as we save money on our electricity bills.

The Trustees who represent the Radio Club are investigating our heating system, again to make it more efficient and more comfortable for everyone .

Debbie our administrator has been very busy applying for grants to improve the Chantry and I am pleased to tell you that she has received an offer of £25.000 from Enovert providing that we can raise 10% of the money from outside organisations, within 6 months from the day we received the letter. Any ideas will be gratefully received as we would like to carry out the painting of the outside when the scaffolding is up.

Lynette Sayce resigned as Treasurer and we thank her for her work. The post is now vacant for anyone who would be able to take on the work.

Work is ongoing in the History Room and this will be an interesting addition to our building.

 Our president Bernard Fennell passed away this year. We are indebted to him and all the other people who started the T.D.C.A. and worked tirelessly to set the association up. It would be good to think that we could carry on the volunteering ethos on which the association was founded.

We now have a new Fundraising group so if anyone has time occasionally to give to us then please see Debbie at the end to sign up for general or specific tasks.

Please support our up and coming future events. An open air Theatre event in the garden, a Murder Mystery event , Fireworks night and our annual Collectors and Craft Fair.

Christine Carter


New Trustees are always welcome


Full induction and training will be given



 Tel 01454 414268



TDCA has two primary objectives set out in its' constitution.  One is running the Association and its' activities but of equal importance is maintaining the Chantry as a Community Centre for the town.  To do this we need to maintain a range of facilities to meet the needs of our community and the users who choose to base their activities at the Chantry.

A summary of the range of rooms and Halls available can be found here.  Links will provide more detailed information on the dimensions and capacity of the rooms and how to make a booking.

It may appear obvious to suggest that we have a policy of continual improvement to the building but developing our site to maintain the appeal that the Chantry has to its users is essential.  Consequently, the trustees endeavour to review regularly a range of site improvements with a view to assessing the resulting benefits and costs.   

Chantry Users
The users who support the Association are our reason for being and represent a diverse group of local interests.