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Unexpected Repairs!

We’ve had a few building repairs and maintenance issues come up unexpectedly in the last month and we need to thank the wonderful people who came out to help us.

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to Doug Fowler. Doug takes aerial photos for, amongst others, the Thornbury Gazette and spotted a loose tile on our roof during one of his shoots. He alerted us and, with the help of another local company, DB Roofing Services, it was fixed in no time!

Secondly, our thanks go out to local plasterer Chris Lockett-Chapman, who gave up some of his Easter weekend to fix a large section of blown render on the main building. He dedicated two days to fixing it and has done a great job. He left everything immaculately clean and tidy – now we just need someone to paint it!

Last but not least, our stair lift decided to stop working halfway up the stairs last week – luckily no one was on it at the time! The lovely David at Thornbury Stairlifts came out at short notice, gave it a thorough service, and had everything up and running again in no time.

Thanks again to everyone involved with these two projects. It makes the stress of looking after such an historic building easier to handle when we know we have such a great community to rely on!

Now we’ll leave you to play “Spot the loose tile” on Doug’s wonderful photo.

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