I am now the Chairman of the Thornbury and District Community Association and I took over in May this year. I have looked at all aspects of the Chantry and realise that there is a great deal of work to be done, the most important being the essential repairs to the building.

I am sure that when the Chantry was taken over by the association in 1966 people had more time to give to support by giving of their time but in our busy lives now this is not the case, so there are other ways in which you can help.

When the association was formed people needed to become members to be able to use the bar, this has become obsolete over the years. Many people kindly still pay their membership to support the Chantry for which we are extremely grateful.

So what do get for becoming a member?

You are supporting the association to carry out essential works to the amazing historic building both inside and out (we desperately need new toilets!)

You will receive my monthly ‘News from The Chantry’ a month before everyone else so that you have priority booking for any event you may wish to attend.

We are considering a Members Day in the summer with barbeque etc.

If you feel that you could spare £4 a year which will take you up to January 2019 then please fill the form below and return it to



Thank you 


Christine Carter